Definition of a thing or two in English:

a thing or two

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  • Used to refer to useful information that can be imparted or learned.

    • ‘Teddy taught me a thing or two about wine’
    • ‘My brother taught me a thing or two, the rest I learnt from magazines and tapes.’
    • ‘It is rich in culture and scenery and could teach us Irish a thing or two about how we care for our environment.’
    • ‘Our children may only be starting out on life's learning curve, but they could teach us a thing or two.’
    • ‘He was older and had been with a few women older than himself who had taught him a thing or two.’
    • ‘Katy was more than grateful to her mother for teaching her a thing or two about first aid.’
    • ‘Perhaps the Wiltshire trusts could learn a thing or two from that!’
    • ‘However, having served 12 years in the Royal Navy, Richard knew a thing or two about spit and polish.’
    • ‘Now that's where we could show those other countries a thing or two.’
    • ‘With adventures like these, you are going to have a great time and learn a thing or two.’
    • ‘As he grew up, though, he discovered a thing or two that made him change his mind.’