Definition of aargh in English:



(also argh)
  • Used as an expression of anguish, horror, rage, or other strong emotion, often with humorous intent.

    ‘now they're talking about putting up taxes—aargh!’
    • ‘It is over 900 pages long and the first volume of a trilogy (double aargh!) of which each volume is similarly long (triple aargh)!’
    • ‘MY favourite words include yikes, splat, glub, eek and aargh!’
    • ‘I mean, it's like I send it thinking I've done it perfectly, and then aargh!’
    • ‘Maybe if I had persevered just a little longer, I would have been a fan right from the beginning - aargh.’
    • ‘Just when I'm ready to put the pedal to the metal, I get stuck behind a soccer mom's minivan - aargh.’
    • ‘It was your evil negligence that led to this avoidable tragedy, and… aargh, you can write the rest as well as I can.’
    • ‘I hope it is, because otherwise, aargh, where to start?’
    • ‘There is an important difference in status between fan fiction and canon, but I can't quite figure it out… aargh.’
    • ‘Our loss: £200,000 and counting. Aargh!’
    • ‘‘Aargh!’ She screamed suddenly and pounded her desk with her fists.’



/är(ɡ)/ /ɑr(ɡ)/


Late 18th century lengthened form of ah, expressing a prolonged cry.