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  • 1A large herbaceous Philippine plant of the banana family that yields Manila hemp.

    Musa textilis, family Musaceae

    ‘The abaca plant, a type of banana, grows in the Philippines.’
    • ‘The principal cash crops are coconuts, bananas, pineapples, sugar, tobacco, and abaca.’
    • ‘Important export crops are abaca, copra (dried coconut meat), pineapple, sugar, and tobacco.’
    • ‘A leaf fiber and a member of the banana family, abaca makes an extremely strong pulp.’
    • ‘Instead, traditional exports such as coconut, abaca and sugar have lost markets.’
    1. 1.1Manila hemp.
      ‘The shade papers are made from silk, banana, Kozo, mulberry, mango and abaca fibres.’
      • ‘The Japanese defence ministry commandeered the country's supply of abaca (hemp).’
      • ‘These Seattle sisters design placemats and table runners out of abaca fiber.’
      • ‘It's one of the benefits of using the abaca rather than the more-conventional glass fibers.’
      • ‘He created the works by dipping pieces of wire mesh into pulp made of abaca (banana fiber) and then painting the frame in lively watercolors.’



/ˈabəˌkä/ /ˈæbəˌkɑ/


Mid 18th century via French and Spanish from Tagalog abaká.