Definition of abandon ship in English:

abandon ship


  • 1Leave a ship because it is sinking.

    ‘a Mayday message was received before all on board abandoned ship’
    • ‘The resultant fire forced the ship's company to abandon ship.’
    • ‘The men had no radio, lifejackets or lifebelts, and had been unable to abandon ship or attract attention to their plight.’
    • ‘Submarines were supposed to surface and give crews time to abandon ship before sinking their vessels.’
    • ‘The order was given to abandon ship, and she broke in two and sank shortly after.’
    • ‘For an hour her crew fought to save her before the order was given to abandon ship.’
    • ‘Sir, get your dinghy launched and prepare to abandon ship if your boat is sinking.’
    • ‘The order was given to abandon ship and the lifeboats were launched.’
    • ‘The boat started sinking and we all had to abandon ship.’
    • ‘A fire in the engine-room spread to the hold, causing the crew to abandon ship.’
    • ‘All the ferry's passengers and crew had been ordered to put on life jackets and prepare to abandon ship.’
    vacate, leave, quit, evacuate, withdraw from
    1. 1.1Hurriedly leave an organization or enterprise.
      ‘he would rather abandon ship now than resign in shame in two years’
      • ‘Media bosses, by contrast, seem not to be able to abandon ship quickly enough.’
      • ‘Many Britons are choosing to abandon ship in search of sunnier climates.’
      • ‘Our captains of democracy abandoned ship a long time ago.’
      • ‘Democrats may be disgruntled, but they're not abandoning ship yet.’
      • ‘Before abandoning ship, try giving your boss some tactful feedback.’
      • ‘Some of the candidates abandoned ship beforehand.’
      • ‘Many will surely abandon ship in despair.’
      • ‘If they choose to abandon ship during that period, most headhunters will provide a replacement service free of charge.’
      • ‘As tensions continue over the company's future, its executives have been abandoning ship at a rapid pace.’
      • ‘Tories face rock bottom as activists and captains of industry abandon ship’