Definition of Aberdeen Angus in English:

Aberdeen Angus


  • An animal of a Scottish breed of hornless black beef cattle.

    Also called Black Angus

    ‘The test identifies whether meat is pure Aberdeen Angus, from an animal sired by an Aberdeen Angus bull, or another breed.’
    • ‘Two bulls and one heifer, of an Aberdeen Angus cross breed, were delivered this week.’
    • ‘The founder of the distillery, contracted to sell, to a banker, an Aberdeen Angus cow whom both parties believed to be infertile.’
    • ‘He runs an Aberdeen Angus herd near Skipton and sits on the West Riding National Farmers' Union's livestock committee.’
    • ‘Two calves, one a Charolais-cross, the other an Aberdeen Angus, arrived at Murton Park earlier this week.’
    • ‘They have started an Aberdeen Angus herd, which currently stands at 60 head - and doesn't have to be milked twice a day.’
    • ‘The overall champion of Saturday's East Mainland show was an Aberdeen Angus bull, Ebony of Burnside.’


Aberdeen Angus

/ˌabərˌdēn ˈaNGɡəs/ /ˌæbərˌdin ˈæŋɡəs/


Mid 19th century from Aberdeenshire and Angus, where the breed originated.