Definition of aberrational in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/

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‘Any process of organization is necessarily aberrational within the general economy.’
  • ‘This type of database can tell us about aberrational outbreaks of food poisoning.’
  • ‘This is an aberrational number of deaths in such a short period.’
  • ‘Not for once did she believe his aberrational humility would last against all his friends’ taunting.’
  • ‘Modern religious rhetoric is dilute and ineffectual, and where it isn't, it seems mad and aberrational.’
  • ‘I think the more aberrational prices that you saw were certainly what we experienced last October.’
  • ‘If there had been principled resistance, the extreme and aberrational set of arrests might never have taken place.’
  • ‘I would strongly argue that the nineties were aberrational.’
  • ‘In two cases, courts have struck down such laws, but these cases seem aberrational.’