Definition of abettor in English:


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(also abetter)
  • A person who encourages or assists someone to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime.

    ‘she pleaded guilty to manslaughter as an aider and abettor’
    • ‘An abettor would face 25 years to life for murder.’
    • ‘Their abettors and backers will not be spared.’
    • ‘The Department of Justice argued that he was an abettor and co-conspirator in a spy ring.’
    • ‘It seems as if there will be no penalty for foreign abettors of the hijackers.’
    • ‘The maximum sentence for war crimes, which they said he had committed as an abettor, is life imprisonment.’
    • ‘The government may also prosecute the intermediaries and abettors under relevant sections of the Income-Tax Act.’
    • ‘They began a hunt to identify conspirators and abettors of the violence.’
    • ‘Her aiders and abettors must face similar charges.’
    • ‘He says a destructively crazy thing, the media abettors publicize it, and here we are.’
    • ‘We have met the appeasers and abettors of our enemies, and they are us!’



/əˈbedər/ /əˈbɛdər/