Definition of above ground in English:

above ground


  • At or above ground level.

    ‘the system can be installed above ground where underground excavations are difficult’
    • ‘less than half the museum is visible above ground’
    • ‘The spatial result resembles a cathedral crypt or an undercroft, yet it is all above ground.’
    • ‘Uzbeks bury their deceased within twenty-four hours of death, in above-ground tombs.’
    • ‘Public outcry led to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 that ended above-ground testing.’
    • ‘The above-ground portion of the chestnut died, but not its roots.’
    • ‘No above-ground swimming pools are permitted, and hot tubs must be out of the neighbors' line of sight.’
    • ‘In later times some above-ground masonry pueblo-style houses were constructed too.’
    • ‘Above-ground trams provide excellent transportation.’
    • ‘"We decided to replace our above-ground tanks with tanks that sat in containment structures so leaks and spills could be avoided."’
    • ‘In the hot, humid conditions of the Asian tropics, buildings are traditionally elevated above ground, with overhanging eaves and thin permeable walls to encourage ventilation.’
    • ‘As I was on the tube the clouds all seemed to disappear and by the time I came back above ground the sky was a beautiful clear blue.’
    • ‘The first trapped miner could be back above ground around 11:00 p.m. Eastern.’


  • Situated at or above ground level.

    • ‘an above-ground pool’