Definition of Abrahamic in English:



  • 1Denoting any or all of the religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) that revere Abraham, the Biblical patriarch.

    ‘the monotheistic faiths that grew out of the Abrahamic heritage’
    • ‘I don't understand why they become quiet when I tell them it's an Abrahamic religion like Judaism and Christianity.’
    • ‘And I think that the only thing that will move people to each other is the compassion that comes from some belief, whether it's an Abrahamic belief or a non-Abrahamic belief, or even a secular humanist belief, but a belief in other people.’
    • ‘Though we all hold in common that we are not of an Abrahamic faith, we are still too different from each other to be forced into the same mold.’
  • 2Relating specifically to the Biblical patriarch Abraham.

    • ‘Abraham had other sons, but Isaac was the unique son of the Abrahamic Covenant, born when his parents were old.’



/ˌābrəˈhamik/ /ˌeɪbrəˈhæmɪk/