Definition of abridger in English:



See abridge

‘For a host of less well-known Scottish actors, and for the abridgers, including the writers of this article, Storyline has been an important source of work and income.’
  • ‘The BBC say that this will be done ‘with our usual sensitivity’ by ‘highly experienced abridgers’.’
  • ‘Sherburn's estimation of the capacities of youth was generous in comparison; this more aggressive abridger turned the nineteen volumes of Richardson's three novels into a 232-page duodecimo.’
  • ‘Oh, and I also put to bed today the final few pages of an adapted-for-children-and-language-learners version of Autour de la Lune, by Jules Verne before the abridger got his hands on it.’
  • ‘He shows the hand of a skilled theatrical abridger at work, surgically excising flowery and purple ‘literary’ material, and reworking the remainder for the benefit of players and playgoers.’