Definition of abscise in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Cut off or away.

    1. 1.1Botany no object Separate by abscission; fall off.
      ‘For example, petals may wilt and abscise more rapidly after pollen deposition on the stigma or pollen tube growth through the style.’
      • ‘The last bract on the spikelet axis has been removed from around the terminal flower, which has an aborted carpel with a two-branched stigma and the filaments of the two stamens, the anthers having abscised.’
      • ‘In several species the flowers never close, as the petals abscise when the flower is still open.’
      • ‘In the present experiments, flower closure was not observed in any of the families in which petals abscise.’
      • ‘As the ovules developed, they eventually abscised and fell out, leaving the cupules empty.’



/abˈsīz/ /æbˈsaɪz/