Definition of abscisic acid in English:

abscisic acid


  • A plant hormone which promotes leaf detachment, induces seed and bud dormancy, and inhibits germination.

    ‘Of particular interest here is the amphipathic plant hormone abscisic acid.’
    • ‘Subsequently, a signal transduction cascade involving at least four plant hormones, ethylene, auxin, abscisic acid, and gibberellic acid, is activated.’
    • ‘When conditions are otherwise in favour of producing the submerged type morphology, an exogenous supply of the plant hormone abscisic acid at an optimal concentration induces aerial type characteristics.’
    • ‘The hormone abscisic acid induces a myriad of cellular responses in plants via complex signal transduction cascades, leading to tolerance towards various stresses, including cold, drought and salinity.’
    • ‘Analysis of mutant plants suggests that the plant hormones abscisic acid, ethylene and jasmonates are implicated in the long-distance signalling pathway and that the action may be mediated by reactive oxygen species.’


abscisic acid

/abˌsisik ˈasəd/ /æbˌsɪsɪk ˈæsəd/


1960s abscisic from abscisin (the earlier name for the hormone), from abscission.