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absentee landlord

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  • A landlord who does not live at and rarely visits the property rented out.

    ‘Everyone in York finds it totally extraordinary that an absentee landlord can allow a property like this to remain unused for so long.’
    • ‘Having no money, James established a farm on property owned by an absentee landlord and set about the task of clearing the land.’
    • ‘The farm had been sold at auction to an absentee landlord after my Uncle Will, who lived on the farm, died.’
    • ‘For years, tenants had complained about the building's numerous health and safety violations, including a faulty foundation, but city housing inspectors allowed the absentee landlord to get away with only minor repairs.’
    • ‘The word boycott was created after Captain Charles Boycott, the estate agent of an absentee landlord, was ostracised for refusing to cut rents in 1880.’
    • ‘Any absentee landlord who refused to lower rents so the native Irish people could actually afford them was ‘targeted.’’
    • ‘Probably the worst-off peasants were those with an absentee landlord.’
    • ‘If the Council had the power to levy such rates, they'd be able to keep a proper register of rented properties which would, in turn, help deal with absentee landlords and the problem of houses running into disrepair in the city.’
    • ‘People on rental allowances in Waterford are living in squalid and miserable conditions due to absentee landlords who couldn't care less.’
    • ‘In Watts, absentee landlords owned two-thirds of the area's residential properties.’
    • ‘Slumlords and absentee landlords of buildings in the inner city also default on their rates.’
    • ‘Although these hills have long been primarily owned by absentee landlords, most allowed hunting and gathering on their property, and the people regarded the land as shared.’
    • ‘This neighborhood is plagued by constant deterioration because of absentee landlords, lack of income to repair homes, few employment opportunities, crime, sporadic city services, and so on.’
    • ‘Many of the residents on City Estate bought their houses from the Coal Board in the 1980s. Others are owned by absentee landlords who give little consideration to the calibre of tenants they rent to.’
    • ‘But the area is still blighted by rocketing rent levels, perceptions of crime and drug problems and absentee landlords - giving the impression the Northern Quarter is run down.’
    • ‘He cited the reason for this change as concern for safety in homes rented to students, which often fall into disrepair because of absentee landlords.’
    • ‘As I am sure he would like a reply, well some of us in The Haulgh care about our environment and we have had enough of absentee landlords who profit out of multi-occupancy houses, while they sit at home.’
    • ‘It is believed more than half of the 215 former National Coal Board Homes are abandoned or boarded-up as private, absentee landlords choose not to repair them.’
    • ‘Although the Prime Minister did not say which land would be expropriated, it is believed that farms belonging to absentee landlords are likely targets.’
    • ‘Sometimes absentee landlords don't realize the mischief their tenants are into, and the matter can be resolved quickly.’


absentee landlord

/ˌabsənˈtē ˈlan(d)ˌlôrd/ /ˌæbsənˈti ˈlæn(d)ˌlɔrd/