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absolute alcohol

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  • Ethanol containing less than one percent of water by weight.

    ‘Soluble in benzene, absolute alcohol, and ether, it is derived either from boiling coal-tar oils with subsequent crystallization and distillation, or from petroleum fractions following various catalytic processing operations.’
    • ‘This is a modified mixture of Carnoy's fluid containing absolute alcohol, chloroform, and glacial acetic acid.’
    • ‘Once absolute alcohol has been produced it must be stored in such a manner as to exclude water, since the high hygroscopic nature of the ethanol will readily reabsorb the water.’
    • ‘The samples comprised neoplastic tissue, and each was subjected to the following regimen: the sample was placed in a 10% formalin solution for 24 hr, a 96% alcohol solution for 24 hr, and absolute alcohol for 24 hr.’
    • ‘Animals have been recovered from this state after immersion in liquid helium, absolute alcohol, brine, and ether.’


absolute alcohol

/ˌabsəlo͞ot ˈalkəˌhôl/ /ˌæbsəlut ˈælkəˌhɔl/ /ˌabsəlo͞ot ˈalkəˌhäl/ /ˌæbsəlut ˈælkəˌhɑl/