Definition of absolute magnitude in English:

absolute magnitude


  • The magnitude (brightness) of a celestial object as it would be seen at a standard distance of 10 parsecs.

    Compare with apparent magnitude

    ‘Their absolute magnitude is that of their appearance at 10 parsecs, or 32.6 light-years.’
    • ‘An award… shall be presented annually to the amateur astronomer who, using amateur equipment only, discovers the largest absolute magnitude new asteroid having a near-Earth orbit during the preceding calendar year.’
    • ‘Relative risk indicates the relative size of the difference in disease rates between two groups, but it gives no indication of the absolute magnitude of the disease rates.’
    • ‘As shown in the preceding section, the spread process is much more volatile relative to the absolute magnitude of the spread.’
    • ‘From the time period, determine the star's actual brightness, also called the absolute magnitude.’
    brightness, brilliance, radiance, luminosity


absolute magnitude

/ˈˌabsəˈˌl(y)o͞ot ˈmaɡnəˌt(y)o͞od/ /ˈˌæbsəˈˌl(j)ut ˈmæɡnəˌt(j)ud/