Definition of absolute unit in English:

absolute unit


  • A unit of measurement which is defined in terms of the fundamental units of a system (mass, length, and time), and is not based on arbitrary definitions.

    ‘The treatment effect in terms of absolute units was 1.06 mmol/l (0.88, 0.52 to 1.24 mmol/l with unstandardised data).’
    • ‘This review focuses on the use of flow cytometry for estimation of nuclear DNA content (DNA flow cytometry) in plants with a special emphasis on the estimation of DNA in absolute units (genome size).’
    • ‘Relative units mean that the numbers specified in the HTML should be scaled according to some norm which the user's browser already has; absolute units mean that the numbers are not scalable.’
    • ‘Yet another means of accounting for body size is to retain variables in their absolute units but to include body size as an additional independent variable in a statistical model.’
    • ‘Therefore, the volume of sap should not be considered in absolute units, but should be related to the amount of water contained in each pressurized leaf.’


absolute unit

/ˌabsəˌlo͞ot ˈyo͞onət/ /ˌæbsəˌlut ˈjunət/