Definition of absorbable in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈzɔːbəb(ə)l/ /əbˈsɔːbəb(ə)l/


  • Able to be absorbed, especially into the body.

    • ‘When the bacteria (lactobacillus acidophillus, bifidus or bulgaricus) grow to make yoghurt, they do so by fermenting the normal milk sugar, lactose, into absorbable products.’
    • ‘At 44 I have at last weaned myself from milk and must admit I have heaps more energy, and am taking a calcium supplement to ensure my body receives it in a regular absorbable manner.’
    • ‘I recommend calcium citrate, which is the most absorbable form.’
    • ‘Most nicotinic acid and half the folate in foods are not absorbable.’
    • ‘We recently heard that absorbable hemostatic agents intended to be left in patients have been recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration.’
    • ‘The two types of sutures are: absorbable and nonabsorbable.’
    • ‘A minimally absorbable antibiotic such as vancomycin can be useful, especially if given concomitantly with a high potency probiotic reinoculation.’
    • ‘Although 200 mcg of an absorbable organic form of chromium such as picolinate can improve blood indices for type 2 diabetics, it was not sufficient to reverse all glucose abnormalities.’
    • ‘Juicing vegetables and fruit is a delicious way to get the nutrients they contain in a liquid form that is highly absorbable.’
    • ‘Lower extremity wounds in patients who are obese must be closed with interrupted absorbable sutures, and loose tissue must be debrided to reduce the cellulitis produced by fat necrosis.’
    • ‘Sutures are most commonly used to close lacerations; absorbable suture is used to close structures deeper than the epidermis, and nonabsorbable suture is used to close the outermost layer of a laceration.’
    • ‘Some authors tried to eliminate local forces in the tunnel model by use of various absorbable materials and biodegradable screws, but local reactions may have a significant influence on the experimental outcome.’
    • ‘Recent studies at the Center for Mineral Metabolism and Clinical Research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas suggest that calcium citrate is a very absorbable form.’
    • ‘There is plenty of highly absorbable calcium in green leafy vegetables, beans, enriched flour, and fortified juices.’
    • ‘In fact, the most readily absorbable form of calcium delivering the largest supply of calcium to your bones is calcium citromalate, 17 so look out for this on your supplement label.’
    • ‘New research from Japan suggests that a newly discovered and highly absorbable form of calcium has the power to prevent and reverse bone loss - without dangerous hormonal manipulation.’
    • ‘Finally, no significant differences were observed in total or estimated absorbable iron intakes between level of education and area of residence (results not shown).’
    • ‘The objective of this study was to estimate absorbable iron intakes of a representative sample of the Quebec adult population and to compare these results with the new North American recommendations for iron.’
    • ‘The surgeon closes the oral mucosa and muscle layers using braided absorbable suture in a horizontal mattress fashion.’
    • ‘A follow-up appointment usually is made for one week postoperatively to remove facial sutures or remove graft dressings and absorbable suture dressings.’



/əbˈzɔːbəb(ə)l/ /əbˈsɔːbəb(ə)l/