Definition of absorbance in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈzôrbən(t)s/ /əbˈzɔrbən(t)s/ /əbˈsôrbən(t)s/ /əbˈsɔrbən(t)s/


  • A measure of the capacity of a substance to absorb light of a specified wavelength. It is equal to the logarithm of the reciprocal of the transmittance.

    ‘a plot of absorbance versus wavelength would give a Gaussian curve’
    • ‘absorbances were recorded with a clinical photometer’
    • ‘The isotropic emission spectra were normalized to the corresponding absorbance at the excitation wavelength.’
    • ‘In these experiments electron absorbances were measured as a function of increasing laser intensity and, subsequently, as a function of decreasing laser intensity.’
    • ‘Then, absorbances at the four wavelengths were calculated.’
    • ‘The absorbance measured is directly proportional to the concentration of human leptin present.’
    • ‘The total cavity loss is then the sum of the mirror transmission and the sample absorbance.’