Definition of abstract noun in English:

abstract noun

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  • A noun denoting an idea, quality, or state rather than a concrete object.

    ‘the website contains considerably more abstract nouns than hard facts’
    • ‘There will be confusion if we continue to use the word "morality" because it is an abstract noun.’
    • ‘It is Brutus who is the most instantly recognisable modern figure in his use of abstract nouns to justify political ends.’
    • ‘The most difficult task for the mothers was to explain the concept of abstract nouns in Korean.’
    • ‘He never kept aloof or lost the common touch; never used long words or abstract nouns.’
    • ‘Like most abstract nouns, management means everything and anything associated with organizing people and their activities.’
    • ‘All the stories were written specifically for this collection - all have abstract nouns as titles and all are thematically linked.’
    • ‘When God is being referred to as a subsistent thing, we use concrete nouns; but to express God's simpleness we use abstract nouns.’
    • ‘As European legal reasoning developed, abstract nouns multiplied.’
    • ‘Liberty is a ponderous and not-to-be-used-lightly abstract noun.’
    • ‘This mannered floridity of diction, accompanied by the persistent capitalization of abstract nouns, was to become a distinguishing and disfiguring feature of Bulwer's prose.’
    • ‘Abstract nouns are all liable to be hijacked and twisted, by people of all political ideas.’
    • ‘It's only because I did Latin and Greek that I know what an abstract noun is; no-one else in school was going to tell me.’