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  • 1A person who uses something to bad effect or for a bad purpose.

    ‘notorious abusers of the English language’
    • ‘The dotcom era of the late 90s saw some of the worst abusers of pro-forma earnings manipulations.’
    • ‘The chief villain here is technology, or, at least, its malicious abusers.’
    • ‘These mind abusers Ayn Rand is talking about are today's educators.’
    • ‘You should focus your efforts on what makes a time abuser anxious instead of teaching him how to organize his day.’
    • ‘He spoke out against abusers of aid for the victims, ensuring that funds didn't fall prey to charity scams.’
    • ‘Signatories to the convention agree to institute the necessary legislation to prevent abusers of power from reaping the rewards of corruption.’
    • ‘I had not been persecuted by any abusers of authority.’
    • ‘Many believe that the authorities in their countries of origin should give a lot less freedom to abusers of lax laws.’
    • ‘It is not always easy to identify or apprehend abusers of fireworks.’
    • ‘The federation represents the group that traditionally has been one of the worst abusers of ordinary consumers.’
    1. 1.1A person who makes excessive and habitual use of alcohol or drugs, especially illegal ones.
      ‘a chronic cocaine abuser’
      • ‘The authors found that treating drug abusers reduced the crime they committed by 51 percent.’
      • ‘I'm a celebrity substance abuser—get me out of this sticky nightmare ballad!’
      • ‘Even if the bio-parents are drug abusers or drunkards, the child still has that yearning to know where they come from.’
      • ‘More than 65 percent are substance abusers.’
      • ‘Occasionally, judges experiment with punishments: mandatory membership in a book club for a drug abuser, a day of wearing dresses for two men who harassed women.’
      • ‘They met where she did marital and family counseling and he worked with substance abusers.’
      • ‘The confrontational approach can backfire, ultimately fueling resistance on the part of the substance abuser.’
      • ‘Strong defenses and a sense of denial are hallmarks of the substance abuser's psychology.’
      • ‘Drug abusers will abuse these medications, but people who are not drug abusers take what the doctor recommends.’
      • ‘Street youth involved in prostitution have been found to be more likely to be abusers of crack cocaine.’
  • 2A person who treats another person or animal with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.

    ‘abusers often control the victim's access to friends and family’
    • ‘In more than two-thirds of reported cases, the abusers are family members, according to the National Research Center on Elder Abuse.’
    • ‘He said his abuser, who is now dead, once attacked him with a crucifix.’
    • ‘The reality was that he was a vile child abuser who deserved whatever criticism he got.’
    • ‘Let's register the emotional and physical abusers.’
    • ‘She described him as a drinker and wife abuser who was also a patriot who served as a militia captain during the Revolutionary War.’
    • ‘We must also reach out to abusers and their children, teaching them more peaceful ways to resolve conflict.’
    • ‘Some cases remain under wraps for a long time simply because the young victims fear being punished by their abusers.’
    • ‘A substantial amount of evidence was found by police to indicate that this was a serial abuser.’
    • ‘If a clamp down is to be made on beach sellers, these animal abusers should be the first in line.’
    • ‘The police presence would be greatly appreciated if they took steps to punish the abusers to the fullest extent of the law.’
    1. 2.1A person who sexually assaults someone, especially a woman or child.
      ‘how much do we know about what makes someone a sexual abuser?’
      • ‘Some survivors become strong enough to confront their abusers, but allow your counselor to help you figure out what's best for you.’
      • ‘They learn to associate sexuality with guilt because of messages about the sexual behavior from the abuser or others who learned about the abuse.’
      • ‘Even those daughters who identified their fathers as the abuser blamed their mothers for failing to protect them.’
      • ‘Let's not forget the rapid distribution of child pornography, or the ease with which sex abusers can connect with victims all over the country.’
      • ‘After all, few women would knowingly choose a sexual abuser as their gynecologist.’
      • ‘I have campaigned for the safety of children, in order to protect them from sex abusers, and I have used the parliamentary process to do that properly.’
      • ‘The only people who are against this bill are those who are consistently and constantly concerned with the rights of child sex abusers.’
      • ‘I ask the question, because there is a strong link between viewers of child pornography and child abusers.’
      • ‘In some cases, unfunded laws are examples of "feel good" legislation and are not effective with all sexual abusers.’



/əˈbyo͞ozər/ /əˈbjuzər/