Definition of abutter in English:



mainly US
  • The owner of an adjoining property.

    ‘Large or oddly shaped lots may have several abutters to the rear, sides, or across the street.’
    • ‘For further clarification on abutters lists for particular projects, kindly contact the petitioned board or agency.’
    • ‘‘We are abutters and we were not notified of any of the meetings,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Planning Board got a look Monday night at a new design for the Milestone Rotary which would involve taking property from abutters to create double lanes and turning lanes in some locations.’
    • ‘The practical effect is that developers need not retain experts and present evidence on every claimed basis for standing, only those bases in which the abutter actually presents evidence.’
    • ‘The Commission notes that it follows a presumption that all property matters that arise within the legal definition of an abutter are presumed to financially impact the property within that area.’
    • ‘And he promised the abutters his project will not aggravate their problems with pre-Title 5 septic systems and low-level wells.’
    • ‘An abutter has several opportunities during the Public Hearing process to voice concerns about a given subdivision that may alter the final design or decision.’
    • ‘Also in July, a group of river abutters, selectmen and Olson met and came up with the idea of creating a town committee to consider flooding and dam-management issues.’
    • ‘Even were Mrs. Brown to lack standing as an abutter or an aggrieved person, that would not end this appeal because she represents a group of individuals, some of whom are certainly abutters.’