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(also acacia tree)
  • 1A tree or shrub of warm climates that bears spikes or clusters of yellow or white flowers and is frequently thorny.

    Genus Acacia, family Leguminosae: numerous species, including A. senegal, which yields gum arabic

    ‘That is where you've got grazing land largely, and it appears that the woody vegetation, trees, eucalypts and acacias, native pines and other shrubs, are becoming denser and denser.’
    • ‘Alerted by phone, the local authorities had come to see what was happening in Mekhembar, a village of 1,500 people set among thorny acacias and baobab trees with their bulging trunks.’
    • ‘When particular plants flower in sequence, I have seen the same natural area bathed in the yellow of acacias, white of tea-trees, or pink and purple.’
    • ‘The A to Z of conservatory plants starts with the feathery yellow flowers of the acacia in bloom from December to March.’
    • ‘THESE LITTLE acacia and bird cherry trees look a little out of place as they rock in tandem with the waves in the backwaters.’
    • ‘A well-planted aviary, especially with native species of trees or shrubs like acacia or eucalyptus, is ideal.’
    • ‘Scattered trees, mainly acacias and junipers, dot the savanna.’
    • ‘In and around the Olympic village, acacias and evergreen Holm oaks are given prominence.’
    • ‘The Plaza, with its canopy of acacias, jacarandas and monkey-puzzles offers an oasis of calm from both the traffic noise and soaring heat of midday.’
    • ‘The expanse of space south of Arcadia up the steep ridge will, over a period of some 20 years, be denuded of its black wattles and gum trees, and be replaced with indigenous acacias and proteas.’
    • ‘Ngar said authorities in the past introduced pioneer species such as acacias and eucalypts that adapted quickly to badly eroded areas on barren land.’
    • ‘Spread out below the ridge is a remarkable expanse of woodlands, an acacia and eucalypt plain of shimmering leaf canopy that extends to the coast.’
    • ‘A bachelor group will arrive at a promising nesting site (adorned with lots of acacia or palm trees, and usually near water), and the males will quickly begin constructing their beautiful vase-like nests out of grass.’
    • ‘No people, no houses, no cars, just a wilderness of river-gum trees lining ancient waterless riverbeds, acacias, spinifex grasses and spooky giant termite mounds.’
    • ‘I was once asked by my neighbours whether I would mind very much if they were to hop across and chop down the acacias and pines at the bottom of our garden.’
    • ‘The place I chose is under a small-leaved acacia tree, with a little direct sun on the water in the morning.’
    • ‘One day Rabbit sat down beside a flowering acacia tree and looked up at the bright yellow flowers, the rough bark and the sturdy limbs stretching toward the sun.’
    • ‘Even the ostrich squawk as they make their way across the sandvelt to open marshlands and savannahs dotted with acacia, baobab trees and wild sage bushes.’
    • ‘There is the touch of the camel-thorn acacia that has just been grazed by a giraffe, and the smell of wild sage as you brush past it in the bush.’
    • ‘Kruger spreads over nearly 20,000 sq km of unspoilt scrubland punctuated by acacia and mopane trees.’
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/əˈkāSHə/ /əˈkeɪʃə/


Late Middle English via Latin from Greek akakia.