Definition of acalculia in English:



  • Loss of the ability to perform simple arithmetic calculations, typically resulting from disease or injury of the parietal lobe of the brain.

    ‘Denburg and Tranel have described three general categories of acalculia, which are summarized in Table 11-1.’
    • ‘Patients with acalculia are unable to perform mathematical calculations, although some other numerical processing may still be available to them.’
    • ‘Testing of acalculia has to encroach both oral and written calculations with clinical and standardized neuropsychological tests.’
    • ‘This site gives links to pertinent other sites, including on smoker brain damage, especially acalculia, and an overview of the background on the smoking-gambling connection.’
    • ‘The clinical terms are acalculia, for people like Signora Gaddi who lost her sense of numbers after a stroke, and dyscalculia for people who were born without numbers.’
    • ‘This reported acalculia, specifically anarithmetria, is a feature atypical for the pure syndrome of alexia without agraphia.’



/ˌākalˈkyo͞olēə/ /ˌeɪkælˈkjuliə/


Early 20th century from a-‘not’ + Latin calculare ‘calculate’+ -ia.