Definition of accentor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaksentər/ /ˈæksɛntər/


  • A small Eurasian songbird with generally drab-colored plumage.

    Family Prunellidae and genus Prunella: several species

    ‘Additional subfamilies placed within Passeridae include: sparrows, accentors, weavers and waxbills (Estrildinae).’
    • ‘Close relatives to Old World sparrows are pipits (family Motacillidae), accentors (family Prunellidae) and possibly finches (family Fringillidae).’
    • ‘However, only terrestrial species have been tested, such as barn swallows, tree swallows, dunnocks, alpine accentors, and acorn woodpeckers.’
    • ‘In dunnocks, females may use song to compete for males, and in the alpine accentor, females attract males by song.’


Early 19th century from late Latin, from ad- ‘to’ + cantor ‘singer’.