Definition of access course in English:

access course



  • An educational course enabling those without traditional qualifications to become eligible for higher education.

    ‘Septuagenarian Josephine began with a university access course at Newry College of Further Education followed by a primary degree at Queen's.’
    • ‘The access course was in sociology, which was a subject I enjoyed, so I'm doing it here.’
    • ‘The 37-year-old mother-of-three, from Limes Avenues, Pinehurst, studied for her access course using Braille and audiotapes.’
    • ‘A foundation access course for adults wishing to return to education will commence at Athlone Institute of Technology in September.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the college said that following an access course most students go on to study a variety of subjects at a variety of universities across the country.’
    • ‘She took a one-year access course and is now three years into a Bachelor of Education course at Jordanhill.’
    • ‘The place depends on the mother-of-three, from Limes Avenue, Pinehurst, finishing an access course at New College.’
    • ‘After completing a university access course at York College, he will now go on to study computer science at Hughes Hall, Cambridge.’
    • ‘The access course is a one year part-time evening course which provides mature students with the opportunity to prepare for an undergraduate programme of full time study.’
    • ‘Application forms are available for an access course in St Angelas College for mature applicants.’
    • ‘There has also been a large increase in the number of applications for the adult access course which started off with 12 students.’
    • ‘Mum-of-four Angela Shepherd, 42, gave up a career in nursery nursing and underwent a two-year access course before embarking on the three-year physiotherapy degree.’
    • ‘But after two years she decided to study for GCSEs at college and later - when her dyslexia was diagnosed - she took an access course, leading to an offer from the university.’
    • ‘Miss Reid was allowed to stay in the country while her appeal was being heard, and after completing a three-year access course at university was given a job.’
    • ‘Yesterday was the first day at college for Annette Stock, 41, as she started an access course as a step to becoming a full-time nurse.’
    • ‘Teresa said: ‘I agree that the access course really gave you a good idea of what to expect.’’
    • ‘I did an access course, then an A level then did the degree.’
    • ‘A part-time access course which is designed for mature students who have a desire to study at third level but whose background, education and economic circumstances have prevented them from achieving this goal is now on offer.’
    • ‘The first step into further education can be access courses at local colleges where they will sample work including bricklaying and horticulture.’
    • ‘Twenty four students from all walks of life completed access courses the equivalent of A levels for mature students who want to go to higher education.’