Definition of access time in English:

access time


  • The time taken to retrieve data from storage.

    ‘Even though the UltraStar 9ZX from IBM is two years old, its access time is still pretty quick.’
    • ‘Today we can buy a server with one or more 3GHz CPUs, and a number of disk drives that still get about a 5ms access time.’
    • ‘This drive housed fifty 24-inch disks, had an access time of 600 milliseconds, and a capacity of 5.0 megabytes.’
    • ‘Our tests indicated a maximum transfer rate over USB 2.0 of about 5.3MB per second and an average access time of 37 milliseconds.’
    • ‘Web browsers can then use the local Squid cache server as a proxy HTTP server, reducing access time as well as bandwidth consumption.’
    • ‘You can pick the RAM that has the best access time for the money, and not what some large computer manufacturer got the best deal on that week.’
    • ‘New tape drives and MTC storage systems will have innovative features to reduce access time and increase performance.’
    • ‘The next item on the checklist is the performance of the drive, in which the data transfer rate and the access time each play a key role, both of which depend directly or indirectly on the speed of rotation.’
    • ‘The access time of the chips is 1.25 nanoseconds; they are rated to work at 2.0V voltage and at 800 MHz frequency.’
    • ‘The MK - 2004GAL has a 2MB buffer, spins at 4,200 rpm, and has an average access time of 15 milliseconds.’
    • ‘The drive itself is noting out of the ordinary, but its support for Seamless Link, its fast access time, and its fast writing speed all point to a very fast drive that will be able to stop coasters from being created.’
    • ‘First, the access time for the Maxtor is a bit slower.’
    • ‘The average access time with both media types is 120 milliseconds.’
    • ‘The access time is particularly remarkable, approaching the performance of dedicated CD-ROM drives.’
    • ‘The access time is in line with the parallel ATA drive, as it should be.’
    • ‘When online, access time to data on tape is typically several seconds vs. milliseconds for data on magnetic disk.’
    • ‘We also ran the CPU utilization, access time, and transfer rate inspection tests.’
    • ‘In addition, at the same rotation speed, they are not any slower than SCSI models in term of data transfer performance or access time.’
    • ‘Hence, data availability is increased and access time is greatly reduced compared to offline and nearline archiving.’
    • ‘Adding additional processors to a shared-memory multiprocessor increases the bus traffic on the system, slowing down memory access time and delaying program execution.’


access time

/ˈakˌses tīm/ /ˈækˌsɛs taɪm/