Definition of accessorize in English:


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transitive verb

(also British accessorise)
[with object]
  • Provide or complement (a garment) with a fashion accessory.

    ‘the leisure suits were accessorized with white vinyl loafers and matching belts’
    • ‘For that added extra oomph, she accessorized the collection with white shell bangles, necklaces and sea-themed sandals and heels.’
    • ‘Of course, each design came down the runway accessorized with gold jewellery, be it a necklace, bracelet, earring or armband.’
    • ‘Simple chic Chanel outfits accessorized with gold chained jewelry, that perfectly complements the black and white.’
    • ‘I've got this kind of nice 50s-style dress I'm working on accessorizing with white shoes, hat, gloves, and a string of fake pearls; it needs the perfect belt.’
    • ‘In fact, Steele paid homage to Albini's obsession with the '20s, Ella Fitzgerald and languid elegance in the superbly chic ensembles accessorized at all times with billowy head wraps worthy of a Great Gatsby character.’
    • ‘The signature cut is skin-tight to the nth degree and accessorized with minimal ruching detailing, Swarovski crystals, bias ruffles, lacing, and fur.’
    • ‘There were also elements of sharp tailoring, accessorised with traditional silk foulard snaffle scarves, cashmere striped sweaters and plenty of bling with gilt accessories.’
    • ‘Her long auburn hair is topped with a safety orange cap and her fashion of choice is camouflage clothing, accessorized with a safety orange vest.’
    • ‘Another outstanding design from the collection was her dark burgundy velvet dress accessorised with a narrow apple green leather belt wrapped over the shoulders and around the waist in an empire fashion.’
    • ‘In the year before her death, the Princess favoured startling Versace mini-dresses accessorised with big jewels and eye-catching handbags.’
    • ‘Soon trucker hats were appearing throughout trendy coastal neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope and Portrero Hill, often accessorized with chain wallets and ‘wife beater’ t-shirts.’
    • ‘‘Yo,’ says the host, a wannabe rapper named Ali G who wears a tracksuit accessorized with wraparound sunglasses, a Tommy Hilfiger skullcap, and massive amounts of gold jewelry.’
    • ‘They had never been close to their parents - it was difficult to be, when parents were constantly surrounded by other parents, by other adults in tailored clothes carefully accessorized with gold jewelry and bright smiles.’
    • ‘Girls in flip flops, denim, and tank tops accessorized with ribbon-edged tulle, their enthusiasm contagious, and I swear, for the first time in what felt like a year, I smiled.’
    • ‘Let us also not overlook the high argyle golfing socks and the kimono swatches, or those plaid bloomers, accessorized with decaled skateboards and plastic see-through lunch boxes.’
    • ‘He was wearing black sweatpants with a green stripe, nicely accessorized with a well worn green Eagles baseball hat and a black t-shirt and sneaks.’
    • ‘Costumes accessorized with neon purple feathers and cloth of gold seemed more suitable for Caesar's Palace than for a king's.’
    • ‘Sitting on the white leather couch in a black trench coat, and a royal purple sweater accessorized with black pants and a leather cuff bracelet.’
    • ‘He was wearing another skintight shirt with red jeans, this time accessorized with purple hued sunglasses.’
    • ‘I took a quick shower and slipped on my outfit, accessorising with a few silver bangles and a pair of teardrop earrings.’
    complement, supplement, add to, augment
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/əkˈsesəˌrīz/ /əkˈsɛsəˌraɪz/