Definition of accessory cell in English:

accessory cell


  • Any of various cells of the immune system that interact with T cells in the initiation of the immune response.

    ‘Follicular dendritic cells, interdigitating dendritic cells, and Langerhans cells are the major nonphagocytic antigen-presenting accessory cells of the immune system.’
    • ‘These results also demonstrate that the generation of a TH1 response requires interaction between accessory cells and T cells in response to H. capsulatum antigens.’
    • ‘This observation supports extensive prior investigations demonstrating that alveolar macrophages are poor accessory cells as compared with blood monocytes.’
    • ‘Scattered S100-positive histiocytes were seen in the ring granulomas, indicating scattered Langerhans accessory cells with numerous reactive histiocytes (results not shown).’
    • ‘Normal dendritic accessory cells are a large family of morphologically distinctive potent antigen-presenting cells.’
    • ‘For the generation of these ginsan-activated killer cells adherent macrophages and CD4 + cells were needed as accessory cells.’
    • ‘After photoreceptors have differentiated, the four lens-producing cone cells develop, and finally the surrounding ring of accessory cells.’
    • ‘The paper by Mueller et al., ‘The role of antigenic drive and tumor-infiltrating accessory cells in the pathogenesis of Helicobacter-induced MALT lymphoma,’ appears in the September issue of The American Journal of Pathology.’
    • ‘Prunet et al. found that GH increased the number of otchloride cells and accessory cells (both thought to be involved in salt secretion), and decreased the number of cells (putative ion uptake cells) in juvenile Atlantic salmon.’
    • ‘GMR-yan ACT flies have more severely disrupted eyes due to inhibition of differentiation of photoreceptors R1 - R8, the cone cells, and other accessory cells of the eye.’
    • ‘MCP - 1's essential role in supporting proliferation of HEs indicates that accessory cells, such as macrophages, play a significant role in facilitating the growth of these tumors,’ Gordillo said.’
    • ‘Cell division is absent within the furrow itself, but as it passes, nonprecluster cells undergo a single wave of mitosis to generate the final three photoreceptors and accessory cells.’
    • ‘Sections of these flies reveal a dramatic increase in the number of photoreceptors and accessory cells within each ommatidium (data not shown).’
    • ‘The compound eye of Drosophila melanogaster is a regular array of 800 ommatidia, each composed of 8 photoreceptor cells and 12 accessory cells.’
    • ‘Patterning defects, either in the accessory cells (cone and pigment cells) of pupal eyes or in adult photoreceptors, could not be detected in these flies.’
    • ‘Using the temperature-sensitive allele of Notch, it was shown that eliminating Notch activity in sensillum precursors leads to hyperplasia of the sensory neurons at the expense of accessory cells.’
    • ‘Both in juvenile and adult P. kielensis, two or three accessory cells each with a modified cilium penetrate into the nephridopore cell.’
    • ‘Furthermore, studies in marine models have shown that the VAAenriched diet increases the number and function of accessory cells.’
    • ‘These small globular proteins are synthesized and secreted by some accessory cells surrounding the sensory neurons.’


accessory cell

/əkˈses(ə)rē/ /əkˈsɛs(ə)ri/ /akˈses(ə)rē sel/ /ækˈsɛs(ə)ri sɛl/