Definition of accipitrine in English:



  • Relating to birds of a family that includes most diurnal birds of prey other than falcons, New World vultures, and the osprey.

    Family Accipitridae; treated as a subfamily (Accipitrinae) in this sense when the osprey is included in this family

    ‘The primary predators of all flock participants are accipitrine hawks (Accipiter cooperii or A. striatus).’
    • ‘With so many details to remember, it is understandable that many birders are intimidated by this accipitrine affinity.’
    • ‘In the research block, portraits of senior members of the Saudi royal family hang on the walls: impassive, accipitrine faces staring down upon the French scientists recruited to save the bird that is a royal obsession.’
    • ‘These three accipitrine hawks are fairly similar in voice.’
    • ‘Tall, lean, with strong, bold features, a keen, scholarly, accipitrine nose, thin, expressive lips, great solemnity and impressiveness of voice and manner, he was my early model of a classic orator.’
    • ‘During a trip, however, on the Continent, in the autumn of 1871, I found in the Zoological Museum at Frankfort, what appeared to be the accipitrine model, in a very striking likeness to our bird.’
    • ‘Not the friendliest neighbor in the rain forest, the goshawk (accipitrine forest hawk) is one of the most secretive of birds when it comes to nesting.’



/akˈsipitrin/ /ækˈsɪpɪtrɪn/ /akˌsipiˈtrēn/ /ækˌsɪpɪˈtrin/


Early 19th century from French, from Latin accipiter ‘bird of prey’.