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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Achieve or complete successfully.

    ‘the planes accomplished their mission’
    • ‘At a moment like that, we don't worry about anything else other than accomplishing our specific mission.’
    • ‘I have been feeling pretty tired this week, but have managed to accomplish a lot of stuff.’
    • ‘It's sailing history in the making and I find it amazing that she has managed to accomplish it.’
    • ‘They are dedicated to accomplishing the missions they were called to perform.’
    • ‘They did not agree, however, on the most effective means for accomplishing this.’
    • ‘In the past, large crews on our ships were the keystones to accomplishing their missions.’
    • ‘It is a ‘how to do it’ study, a guide to accomplishing objectives and attaining them efficiently.’
    • ‘The two rulers of the Kingdoms of Italy and Naples would not succeed in accomplishing those goals either.’
    • ‘Critical reading shows us not only the way our literature affects us, but also how it accomplishes this effect.’
    • ‘In the end, he accomplishes his mission, at the cost of shattering his own health and psyche.’
    • ‘I should have gotten an award for accomplishing such impossible tasks in such a short period of time.’
    • ‘There are two main components to accomplishing any task: knowing what to do, and being motivated to do it.’
    • ‘He spent twenty years in the Senate without accomplishing anything of significance.’
    • ‘So you have an institution that is accomplishing the opposite of what's intended.’
    • ‘This third phase ended a year later, without accomplishing any of its objectives.’
    • ‘The question suggests a blindness to the fact that sportswomen around the world are accomplishing remarkable feats.’
    • ‘We all know that we have a great team this year, and we are on the verge of accomplishing something very special.’
    • ‘In my view a change of leadership would give them a better chance of accomplishing it.’
    • ‘This exhibit accomplishes the impossible - it makes thinking about voting methods fun.’
    • ‘She accomplishes the tour de force of making us forget in what language this play is supposed to be, for she transcends locality.’
    fulfil, achieve, succeed in, realize, attain, manage, bring about, bring off, carry out, carry off, carry through, execute, conduct, effect, fix, engineer, perform, do, perpetrate, discharge, complete, finish, consummate, conclude
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    1. 1.1South East Asian Fill in (a form)
      ‘once this form has been accomplished, the applicant needs to secure supporting documents’
      • ‘Accomplish the form completely in your own handwriting.’
      • ‘Please accomplish the form at the back and have your biometric data captured digitally.’
      • ‘You can accomplish the form digitally or by hand.’
      • ‘Be sure to put on the date when you accomplished the forms.’
      • ‘Download and accomplish the application form and send it to the bank.’
      • ‘ I accomplished my application and documents based on your post and it has been very informative.’
      • ‘I promptly accomplished all forms to report the issue.’
      • ‘The HR rep had us sign and accomplish a lot of forms!’
      • ‘A total of 13 respondents accomplished the survey questionnaires which were distributed online and manually.’
      • ‘The application forms must be fully accomplished and signed by the parents exercising parental authority over the contestant.’



/əˈkämpliSH/ /əˈkɑmplɪʃ/


Late Middle English from Old French acompliss-, lengthened stem of acomplir, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + complere ‘to complete’.