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  • The profession or duties of an accountant.

    ‘Martin did not continue his cricket career beyond these matches and instead spent a professional career in accountancy.’
    • ‘He specialised in business studies and accountancy and, in former times, economic history.’
    • ‘Elaborating, she said that she studies computers, maths, accountancy and biology.’
    • ‘It is expected to provide one of the largest specialist accountancy and business development resources in the region.’
    • ‘He received a first class honours degree in accountancy and business studies.’
    • ‘If you want a job for life forget accountancy, engineering or publishing.’
    • ‘Traditional middle class professions such as the law and accountancy have made solid progress.’
    • ‘Eight new graduate courses in accountancy will be used in the requirements of the new diploma programs.’
    • ‘My partner, Suzy, who had studied accountancy, does the books and keeps all the records.’
    • ‘My long experience of accountancy has enabled me to meet countless accountants, through work and socially.’
    • ‘You can take the man out of accountancy, but it's difficult to take the accountant out of the man.’
    • ‘Walker recalls the major pitfall of starting a new business is having to learn accountancy.’
    • ‘Perhaps the opportunity to run a business which has nothing to do with accountancy!’
    • ‘Far from being an economist, and no great mathematician, I do know the basics of accountancy and can read a balance sheet.’
    • ‘But he is encouraged by the influx of women into accountancy, with many now in leading company positions.’
    • ‘She completed a degree in accountancy at the University of Stirling in 1992.’
    • ‘I spoke to my advisor and switched to accountancy for the next year.’
    • ‘One of Bradford's leading accountancy firms has announced the appointment of a new managing partner.’
    • ‘Possible options suggested were accountancy or even the civil service.’
    • ‘He took an engineering degree at Bristol University before following his father into accountancy.’



/əˈkoun(t)nsē/ /əˈkaʊn(t)nsi/