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another term for accusation
‘It's not as if false accusals are occurring at dangerously epidemic proportions.’
  • ‘This has probably been a fair accusal, in my opinion, but a notion that soon will be dying.’
  • ‘He snubbed away all the accusals in a statement.’
  • ‘So what better than take the accusal straight to a really stupid faculty member.’
  • ‘This religion is truly merciless with their accusals and judgments.’
  • ‘But it's funny how here in America, even being honest about yourself seems to solicit accusals of bragging in some way.’
  • ‘More police, additional mobilization of military - there will be a presence of the government everywhere, including dis- and misinformation, false accusals and penetrating NGOs.’
  • ‘They can merely turn the accusal around to say you are too permissive or have no sense of morality or decency as in the above ‘declensions’.’
  • ‘It's an enigmatic pastiche of emotions, accusals, and imagery.’
  • ‘Between 1450 and 1700, Europe also saw a noticeable trend in male witch accusals.’
  • ‘That led to an avalanche of false accusals.’
  • ‘So what if it contains all of his trademarks: the pious smarm, the embarrassing contradictions, the distortions, the omissions, the sloppy insinuations posing as cogent accusals?’
  • ‘While I agree that I'm guilty of a moment's distraction, I feel I must defend myself against the memo's accusals of ‘sheer obtuseness where anything musical is concerned’ and ‘shameless disregard for the band's intentions’.’



/əˈkyo͞ozəl/ /əˈkjuzəl/