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  • (of an expression, gesture, or tone of voice) indicating a belief in someone's guilt or culpability.

    ‘she stared at him with accusing eyes’
    • ‘There was an accusing tone to her voice, one that she couldn't quite conceal.’
    • ‘The last part was said with a half accusing tone, tempered by the deep affection in her eyes.’
    • ‘But haven't there been other tragedies on this scale, the accusing voices say.’
    • ‘His tone was neither accusing, nor incredulous, but rather plainly curious.’
    • ‘Inevitably, there are concerns about cheating, with the accusing finger as usual pointing at Ferrari.’
    • ‘Feminist writers tend to downplay the whole thing and point an accusing finger at the drug companies.’
    • ‘There's something of that in all of us, so no one can be too enthusiastic in pointing an accusing finger.’
    • ‘Pointing accusing fingers at this moment would only aggravate the pain of those mourning.’
    • ‘Yes, to some extent an accusing finger must be pointed in my direction.’
    • ‘If we point an accusing finger, there are three fingers pointing back at ourselves.’
    • ‘Naturally, it is very easy for them to point the accusing finger in these circumstances.’
    • ‘Andy, mouth open in awe at their proof, looked at his brother with an accusing glare.’
    • ‘It protects us from the world, from accusing stares, lies and rumors.’
    • ‘Of course the smile vanished as two pairs of accusing eyes turned towards me.’
    • ‘He paused and turned to look at his brother who was staring at him with an almost accusing glare.’
    • ‘His eyes were somewhat expressionless, but they would not stop looking at me in that accusing, betrayed way.’
    • ‘Jasmine ducked the accusing gaze of her flustered manager as he marched out of the kitchen door to survey the commotion.’
    • ‘I leap up, shoving my chair backwards, and point an accusing finger at him.’
    • ‘All I can see when I walk about town is all the accusing faces and all the people who would like to see us dead.’
    • ‘He bellowed, nostrils flaring as he jabbed an accusing finger inches away from my face.’



/əˈkyo͞oziNG/ /əˈkjuzɪŋ/