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  • 1Chemistry
    A salt or ester of acetic acid, containing the anion CH₃COO⁻ or the group —OCCH₃.

    ‘Benzyl acetate, from acetic acid, has a jasmine odor.’
    • ‘As the hydrogen ion concentration increases, the acetate concentration and acetic acid concentration must adjust for the value of the equilibrium constant to be maintained.’
    • ‘These may contain solvents such as toluene, isopropryl alcohol, ethyl and butyl acetates, acetone and other ketones.’
    • ‘Well there is a threat from two sides; one is the oil that one has normally in a ship like that in the engine room; it's also carrying a lot of cargo, acetone, methane, propane, phenol and acetates.’
    • ‘When anodized surfaces are colored by the addition of dyes or pigments, a secondary treatment with acetates salts such as cobalt or nickel acetates is used to help seal the coloring agents to the surface.’
    • ‘For example, companies bond an acetate or succinate molecule to Vitamin E to stabilize it.’
    • ‘The first clinical trails were conducted with the acetate salt.’
    • ‘In this conjugate, the free alcoholic hydroxy group on the vinca alkaloid-based antineoplastic drug was generated by hydrolysis of the original acetate ester.’
    • ‘To test this hypothesis, the researchers drilled a series of wells downstream from where they dripped the acetate and periodically took water samples.’
    • ‘The radioactivity in the acetate was later found to be incorporated into cholesterol and the liver.’
    • ‘If the alloy reacts with water, it would react more violently also with acid- and as all acetates except lead, silver and gold are soluble, why bother with this test?’
    • ‘The action of acetylcholine is terminated rapidly, in around 10 milliseconds; an enzyme breaks the transmitter down into choline and an acetate ion.’
    • ‘A more extensive study involving 86 CD patients examined the effect of 50,000 IU vitamin A acetate twice daily or placebo for an average of 14.1 months.’
    • ‘The pH was adjusted to 6.5 using the acetate buffer.’
    • ‘Lurid and Eridsen used a sodium acetate buffer with some samples, but could not obtain satisfactory results.’
    • ‘In the laboratory the normal method of methane preparation is to combine one part sodium acetate and two parts sodium hydroxide.’
    • ‘Hence, they were likely to be strict anaerobes, or possibly microaerophiles, with a capacity to degrade sugars and/or amino acids, forming acetate as one of the end products.’
    • ‘Ethanol was then replaced with amyl acetate in preparation for critical point drying with liquid carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Odors used included amyl acetate, which smells like bananas; phenyl ethyl alcohol, which smells like roses; propionic acid, which smells like vinegar; eugenol, which smells like cloves; and citral, which smells lemony.’
    • ‘Then ammonium acetate solution was added to replace the adsorbed sodium with ammonium ions.’
  • 2Cellulose acetate, especially as used to make textile fibers or plastic.

    as modifier ‘acetate silk’
    • ‘It may be mentioned that the company is credited with many firsts - introduction of pre-wash, wrinkle-free, golf-ball-wash, stain- and wrinkle-free, stretchable and celanese acetate fibre garments.’
    • ‘Floppy disk platters are, well, thin and floppy and made of acetate plastic.’
    • ‘EVITA PERONI products made out of plastic, nylon or acetate can be gently washed with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth.’
    • ‘Here I concentrate on painting on ‘glass’ - by this I mean not only glass as such; but plastic, mirrors and acetate.’
    • ‘It encompasses pattern-making, tailoring, dressmaking, alterations and dyeing silks - along with restored pageant and wedding dresses in polyester, acetate and silk.’
    • ‘When the students completed gluing, each ‘stained glass’ would be processed through the laminating machine to seal the tissue paper and acetate in a clear plastic film.’
    • ‘After the introduction of aspirin, he had developed not only several more drugs but also cellulose acetate, acetate silk, and acetate safety film before leaving Bayer in 1908 to establish his own factory in Berlin.’
    • ‘As far as Rosentiel's ability to print on a broad range of substrates, the company has stated that the image can be applied to acetate, silk, leather and even steel.’
    • ‘For example, they are central to the most common industrial method for making acetic acid, which is the main ingredient in vinegar and essential in the manufacture of some solvents, acetate fibers, and flavors.’
    • ‘Caution should be used when wearing acetate or an acetate blend fabric and using any acetone containing product.’
    • ‘Since the acetate is a synthetic fabric, there is no hope for dyeing it black again.’
    • ‘Bend the acetate strips to form a teardrop shape.’
    • ‘Place a prepared chocolate acetate strip around each parfait to transfer to the sides of the parfait and remove the acetate.’
    • ‘Today I completely trashed four prints by getting them stuck to the acetate I was printing them off… a waste of a good three hours work.’
    • ‘I don't want the color to be too intense so it's ok if the acetate takes little to no color.’
    • ‘One tiny dot of glue per shape is all that is needed to tack down the tissue to the acetate.’
    • ‘Triacetate is an improved acetate fabric which doesn't melt as easier and is easier to care for.’
    • ‘And I got this idea that I would use India ink on acetate and make a brush-stroke, because the acetate kind of repels the ink.’
    • ‘Both pieces have an acetate shell and polyester lining.’
    • ‘The La Donna shades are oversized vintage-look acetates with an elegant cat's-eye shape.’
    1. 2.1A transparency made of cellulose acetate film.
      ‘TRANSPARENCY TRACINGS Transparency tracing of wound surface area consists of outlining the wound perimeter on acetate transparent film.’
      • ‘Root growth was recorded by tracing on an acetate film.’
      • ‘It's important to use the kind that is compatible with the equipment you are using to get the images on the acetate or transparency.’
      • ‘It's like you've slipped through acetate into this weird film world, been transported out of the ordinary, and you're just a little out of step with everyone’
      • ‘If you are making a presentation, even if you have a laptop, bring a backup of the material you're going to present on a CD, and the key stuff on acetates.’
      • ‘Measurement of wound surface area was obtained by using an acetate tracing and planimeter, a method that has been validated in all common etiologies of ulcers.’
      • ‘A full-scale instant film system combined with acetate tracing is a noninvasive technique that provides image documentation for calculation and visual inspection of a PU over time.’
      • ‘A length of dental floss was stretched from the tip of the pharynx to the tip of the tail of each worm, and the length in centimeters was recorded from the dental floss on a sheet of acetate overhead projector film.’
      • ‘You may also want to tape a large piece of acetate under the screen and print onto that, once - you can then move around the T-shirt or paper you're printing on underneath the acetate to get things registered right.’
      • ‘These people were creating overheads for a projector, and were using the acetate sheets, and one of them was completely wrapped around the fuser and welded to it.’
      • ‘Applying acrylics to the acetate with bamboo brushes, Stone controls viscosity and opacity while leaving the edges of the transparent film unpainted.’
      • ‘This map was mounted in the CP and streets were labelled using white strips of paper taped to the acetate.’
      • ‘The paper was too damp, or the ink too sticky, or the gods too angry or something, and it stuck solidly to the acetate that I was printing it from.’
      • ‘A final suggestion for getting images onto clear plastic sheets for this and other projects is to use an acrylic medium and transfer the ink-jet printed image to the acetate.’
      • ‘Painting patterns on the acetate produces patterns of changing voltage.’
      • ‘Apparently they had just tried to print an acetate on a laser printer and it ‘appears to have melted’.’
      • ‘Bright, trendy colours like ice-blue, white, orange, champagne and plum alternate on the acetates with varnish, crystal and pearly effects, at times combined with two-tone plastic.’
      • ‘I had already drawn the leaf shape on the acetate for the students to save time.’
      • ‘The Kroitorer was powered up, and moved over the photo, the pointed armature leaving a trail of tiny impressions on the surface of the acetate.’
      • ‘A ‘cel’ is a sheet of cellulose nitrate or acetate on which an animator paints a cartoon figure or scene.’
    2. 2.2A recording disk coated with cellulose acetate.
      ‘I find it interesting to compare contemporary pianists’ playing to the composer's, since we do have recordings of the source - piano rolls, radio recordings, private acetates.’
      • ‘Several of these recordings are acetates or test pressings that exist in only a single copy.’
      • ‘I have an old acetate recording of this marvellous performance.’
      • ‘The discs are not cut, as an acetate disc is, but embossed; at least that is what I was told many years ago.’
      • ‘There is another that discusses in depth the process of taking the music from the acetates or tapes and transferring them to disc.’
      • ‘His recordings are taken from what seem to be LPs or acetates from broadcasts.’
      • ‘The acetate record, a type made directly from a master tape, was cut in 1974 during Lennon's infamous ‘lost weekend’, when he was estranged from Yoko Ono.’
      • ‘Phillips cut an acetate dub of the song with no backing side and delivered it to Dewey, who debuted the song on his July 8 show.’
      • ‘It's got a photo-sensing thing, and as the acetate is spinning, the photo-sensing thing is getting those squiggly lines and interpreting them as sound.’
      • ‘Prior to the release of this album we were teased as a dozen or so acetates of the acid tribal monster ‘It Began In Afrika’ were leaked to the key players.’
      • ‘At one time, ‘recording ‘was essentially defined as putting a group of performers into an enclosed space and rolling acetates, or tape, to capture the event.’’
      • ‘The thirty-year-old acetates blend surprisingly well with the new sessions - so well, in fact, that it's basically impossible to tell what's new and what's old.’
      • ‘For those two releases, Bones came up with his own tracks, cut them onto twelve-inch acetates and mixed them live before a riled-up crowd of Californian ravers.’
      • ‘The shuffle of papers, the dried-up marker, the frantic search for the power switch and the nervous giggle as your acetates fall to the floor will all be part of the show if you're not careful.’
      • ‘We have essentially acetates from Tureck's private vault.’
      • ‘Back in the day, those comfortable with his modern classical accomplishments were baffled by his acetates of loopy leftfield disco.’
      • ‘Half of the selections are taken from acetates of US radio transcriptions from around 1948.’
      • ‘Wexler played Springfield 80 acetates he'd compiled; she rejected them all.’
      • ‘Producer Roger Beardsley comments that the sides are ‘almost certainly dubbings from original acetates and poor ones at that.’’
      • ‘It's OK by the way; we've found the other acetates - the ones of their press conferences and radio interviews.’



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