Definition of acetic in English:


Pronunciation /əˈsēdik/ /əˈsidɪk/

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  • Of or like vinegar or acetic acid.

    ‘Glycin dissolves readily in alkaline or acetic solutions, but is virtually insoluble in plain water.’
    • ‘The chromosomes were stained with acetic orcein and visualized with a light microscope.’
    • ‘Most everyday wines are very low in acetic acid but some red wines may be excessively acetic.’
    • ‘Immature embryos fixed in acetic alcohol were rinsed in distilled water for 10 minutes under vacuum conditions.’
    • ‘Not all wine becomes acetic, but when it does it actually can be used for cooking, in dishes that call for vinegar.’


Late 18th century from French acétique, from Latin acetum ‘vinegar’.