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  • Producing or resembling vinegar.

    ‘acetous fermentation’
    • ‘Or the same articles may be treated with a quart of distilled vinegar, to form the compound acetous tincture.’
    • ‘Malt Vinegar is an aged and filtered product obtained from the acetous fermentation of distilled infusion of malt and is a good example of vinegar originating from cereals.’
    • ‘If wines are kept in a warm cellar, an acetous fermentation will soon commence, and the result consequently will be vinegar.’
    • ‘By the third day the acetous fermentation had begun in all of them, and in a few more days each emitted an offensive odor.’
    • ‘This is probably owing principally to the mucilage contained in the bran, which runs into the acetous fermentation sooner than starch.’
    pungent, bitter, sharp, sour, tart, harsh, acid, acidic, acidulated, vinegary, acerbic, acetic, acetous



/əˈsēdəs/ /əˈsidəs/ /ˈasədəs/ /ˈæsədəs/


Late Middle English (rare before the late 18th century): from late Latin acetosus ‘sour’, from Latin acetum ‘vinegar’.