Definition of achene in English:


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  • A small, dry one-seeded fruit that does not open to release the seed.

    ‘Fruits of this species are glabrous achenes, with sepals modified into plumose bristles and are frequently wind-dispersed.’
    • ‘Seed set was estimated as the percentage of cross-pollinated flowers that produced achenes (one-seeded fruits).’
    • ‘After fertilization, several achenes are produced per capitulum, and seeds are wind-dispersed.’
    • ‘Thrips may also cause blemished seeds on achenes, and uneven maturity of fruit.’
    • ‘It has previously been shown that, in strawberry fruit, the expression of some ripening-related genes are directly or indirectly negatively regulated by the auxins produced in the achenes.’



/əˈkēn/ /əˈkin/


Mid 19th century from modern Latin achaenium, derived irregularly from a- ‘not’ + Greek khainein ‘to gape’.