Definition of achillea in English:



  • A plant of the daisy family, which typically has heads of small white or yellow flowers and fernlike leaves.

    Genus Achillea, family Compositae: numerous species, including the common yarrow

    ‘Backed by a yew hedge are dozens of neatly planted rows of achilleas, euphorbias, iris and violas among others.’
    • ‘The species achillea, or common yarrow produces white flowers but hybrids now burst into terracotta, yellow, pink and cerise clusters - fabulous against their feathery grey foliage.’
    • ‘‘In the past, I have cut my yellow achillea before the flowers have faded, and found that it keeps its colour beautifully when dried,’ Annemarie says.’
    • ‘Flat topped flowerheads like achillea and open daisy-like flowers such as Michaelmas daisies are particularly attractive to insects and butterflies as they are very visible and accessible.’
    • ‘The poorer the soil and the older the lawn, the better will be the flower display, but most park lawns will contain self-heal, daisy, achillea, and cat's-ear.’



/əˈkilēə/ /əˈkɪliə/


Via Latin from Greek Akhilleios, denoting a plant supposed to have been used medicinally by Achilles.