Definition of achromatic lens in English:

achromatic lens


  • A lens that transmits light without separating it into constituent colors.

    ‘After improvements in the microscope, especially the 19th century development of the achromatic lens, and dissemination of the cell theory by Virchow in 1858,2 the level of analysis descended to the microscopic or cellular level.’
    • ‘The objectives are adopted by poly-membrane achromatic lenses and collocated with widefield eyepieces.’
    • ‘It consists of two identical achromatic lenses, placed with their most curved surfaces facing each other.’
    • ‘The name ‘Improved Telescope’ refers to the fact that it incorporates an achromatic lens.’
    • ‘He made his achromatic lenses by combining two lenses with different dispersions.’
    • ‘Hall used the achromatic lens to fabricate his telescope sometime in the 1730s, but he never publicized his discovery and failed to patent it as well.’
    • ‘Lens doublets are also known as achromatic lenses or achromats for short, derived from the Greek terms a meaning without and chroma meaning color.’
    • ‘The superior achromatic lenses will show you color and details you have never seen before in both your antique and self-made stereo views.’
    • ‘Adding an aplanatic meniscus lens to an achromatic lens can increase relative aperture without introducing additional spherical aberration.’
    • ‘These small but high quality viewers have high quality achromatic lenses but are economically priced at under $50.’
    • ‘A home-built confocal microscope with achromatic lenses is used to measure the far field scattering from PBG devices on a surface with a total internal reflection.’
    • ‘To correct for spherical aberration in lenses, achromatic lenses can be used.’
    • ‘Large aperture constraints require an achromatic lens for situations needing superior image quality and color correction.’
    • ‘The achromatic lenses are made of 2 or 3 glass elements.’
    • ‘Please note - Due to the small demand of achromatic lenses, ordering periods will be longer than usual’
    • ‘The 3X - 50X microscope comes with 0.3X, 0.5X, 1.0X, 2.0X and 3.3X objectives, and binocular eyepieces in 14x and 8x wide field and an 8X measuring eyepiece, all with high quality achromatic lenses.’
    • ‘Notice how the curve is shaped like a backwards ‘S’ instead of the ‘c’ shape of a normal achromatic lens.’
    • ‘It was difficult to make small high power achromatic lenses.’
    • ‘Success in this case would halve the price of achromatic lenses.’
    • ‘From the second equation, we can see that if the crown element had a focal length of 38, and the flint element was a concave lens with a focal length of - 59, we would have an achromatic lens.’


achromatic lens

/ˈˌakrəˈmadik lenz/ /ˈˌækrəˈmædɪk lɛnz/