Definition of achy in English:


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adjectiveadjective achier, adjective achiest

(also British achey)
  • Suffering from continuous dull pain.

    ‘she felt tired and achy’
    • ‘Severe or sharp pains are more significant than dull, achy pains.’
    • ‘Venous wound pain is often minimal and may be described as dull, achy pain or heaviness in the legs.’
    • ‘A tension headache is a dull, achy feeling on both sides of the head.’
    • ‘My head aches, and it's too heavy for me to lift without an achy pain.’
    • ‘Sometimes all you feel is a dull achy sensation or muscle fatigue after class.’
    • ‘Does your child mention headaches, neck aches, achy strained muscles, low back pain, muscle spasm, or tingling hands?’
    • ‘Hopefully i wont be all stiff and achy since i might have done a bit too much today, but i was eager to get in and do some gardening!’
    • ‘By the age of 60, about 70 per cent of women will have developed osteoarthritis, which can lead to achy, painful feet.’
    • ‘I don't feel any better for it today, in fact if anything my body is really achy and stiff probably from lying down for so long.’
    • ‘A sore, achy feeling is a common first indicator.’
    • ‘Other symptoms might include things such as sore throat, achy muscles/joints, headaches, loss of appetite, etc’
    • ‘Edric awoke the next morning feeling stiff and achy.’
    • ‘If we feel uncomfortable, achy, or even delirious during the course of a fever, these sensations are due to the toxicity that the fever is working to rid us of.’
    • ‘Not only can flexible people bend over more easily to pick up something off the floor, but they're also less likely to suffer achy joints.’
    • ‘Limit jumping and pounding activities if your joints are achy or sore.’
    • ‘I stood up, stiff and achy from my night upon the ground.’
    • ‘He felt achy and sore from a day's traveling, but he could not fall asleep.’
    • ‘Some mornings it's fine but on others the knee can be a bit sore and achy, although I don't know if that's down to the cold weather.’
    • ‘They also suffered swollen legs and feet and achy joints, making them so uncomfortable that a quarter taking growth hormone had their doses reduced during the study.’
    • ‘Back at home less than a week later, I felt out of sorts: warm, headachy, and just plain achy, with noticeable joint pain.’
    painful, achy, sore, stiff, hurt, tender, uncomfortable, troublesome



/ˈākē/ /ˈeɪki/