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  • 1Having the properties of an acid, or containing acid; having a pH below 7.

    Often contrasted with alkaline and basic

    ‘a cocktail of acidic pollutants’
    • ‘When this compound is dissolved in water, an acidic solution of hydrogen cyanide, also known as prussic acid, is produced.’
    • ‘A method called scrubbing is used to chemically remove the acidic sulfur dioxide by putting it into contact with calcium carbonate which is a base.’
    • ‘Chemical behavior, such as the acidic or basic properties of oxides, is also periodic.’
    • ‘One of these experiments yielded a crystalline material that had acidic properties.’
    • ‘Although most metallic oxides are insoluble or only very slightly soluble in water, they readily react with acidic solutions to form hydroxide ions that are then neutralized.’
    • ‘Further exposure to oxygen converts the acetaldehyde to acetic acid, the acidic component of wine vinegar, the wine-maker's bête noire.’
    • ‘Any pH value below 7 indicates an acidic solution, and any pH value above 7 indicates a basic solution.’
    • ‘Symptoms are most severe six to 12 hours after ingestion, when the acidic metabolites of ethylene glycol are at their maximal concentration.’
    • ‘However a sour taste usually indicates that the substance is an acid or acidic in nature.’
    • ‘It is formed when emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen and oxidants to form various acidic compounds, such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid.’
    • ‘This new acid is over 100 trillion times more acidic than swimming pool water, and more acidic than hydrofluoric acid but it won't eat through glass.’
    • ‘The basic premise is this: As atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations rise, the ocean becomes more acidic and calcium carbonate shells dissolve more readily.’
    • ‘Researchers say many sodas are acidic and contain carbon dioxide that can expand the stomach, which in turn can cause acid reflux.’
    • ‘Without it, the carbonic acid produced during breathing would remain acidic and throw an organism's system out of balance.’
    • ‘Unbuffered aqueous solutions are easily rendered slightly acidic by dissolved carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘An additional drawback of soaps is that they do not function properly at acidic pHs. Under these conditions, soap ions do not dissociate into their component ions.’
    • ‘However, even an unpolluted atmosphere may contain a variety of acidic and alkaline substances so that the pH of rainwater may be quite different from 5.6.’
    • ‘The solution formed by hydrolysis may be acidic, basic, or neutral.’
    • ‘A normal salt does not have any acidic protons or hydroxyl groups.’
    • ‘Blue litmus paper turns red in acidic solution, and red litmus paper turns blue in basic solution.’
    acidic, sour, tart, bitter, unsweetened, sharp, biting, acrid, pungent, acerbic, vinegary, vinegarish, acetic, acetous
  • 2Sharp-tasting or sour.

    ‘acidic wine’
    • ‘But it did come with a really perky blueberry chutney and suitably acidic sour dough toast.’
    • ‘Slightly acidic white wines, such as Sauvignon or Muscadet, are best suited to salads (which also have high acidity) or oily dishes (which help soften the acidity in the wine).’
    • ‘Dunking bread and vegetables into the pot, we soon felt very full and needed the slightly acidic wine to cut through the wall of gruyère and Emmental that was forming around our arteries.’
    • ‘It can be dry, medium dry, medium sweet, richly honeyed, sweet and even the leanest most acidic wines prove perfect for dry or medium dry fizz.’
    • ‘Acidic foods and acidic wines often go well together; like a salad and Beaujolais.’
    • ‘These dark, medium rich, raisiny wines retain their acidic verve with age.’
    • ‘It was a mixture of oily-like stench with a blend of sour, acidic taste to it.’
    • ‘The best summer-suitable reds that taste delicious chilled on hot days are lighter, lively, less alcoholic but more acidic wines made from restrained red grapes such as the Loire's Cabernet franc and Beaujolais' gamay.’
    • ‘These crisp, bracingly acidic white wines can be terrific with food (especially shellfish), but they also can be too herbaceous for many wine aficionados.’
    • ‘A tart and crisp Pinot Gris would pair well with the finished dish because of the wine's acidic quality, similar to that of the lime juice.’
    • ‘Those slightly acidic wines add sparkle to a fish dish, much like a squeeze of lemon and can counterbalance oiliness or fatness in food.’
    • ‘True, some elegant, delicate, citrussy whites and some fine, vibrant, beetrooty reds have been made, but 2001 also delivers rafts of dull, acidic, edgy wines in both colours.’
    • ‘They had the right idea, but ended up with an acidic, artificial lemony taste that conjures images of a dishwashing liquid.’
    • ‘I recommend a light, acidic Beaujolais Villages as your wine partner to a lamb curry.’
    • ‘Also be careful when buying fortified wines and ports as some can be unbearably sweet or acidic.’
    • ‘We also shared a half litre of the house white, a Greek wine that was aromatic like a Riesling but more acidic and quite dry.’
    • ‘This revolutionary idea has taken awhile to take root, because the Portuguese palate tends towards light, acidic wines, or even harsh, tart wines.’
    • ‘Fruit-flavored ice creams, sorbets and sherbets benefit from the use of vanilla because the ingredient can balance out acidic notes of the citrus or fruit product.’
    • ‘Without body and sufficient fruit flavors, Sauvignon blanc wines from the Loire Valley are offensively vegetal and aggressively acidic.’
    • ‘However, excessive grinding will cause the oils to evaporate and the coffee to taste bitter and acidic.’
    sour, sharp, sharp-tasting, tangy, bitter, acid, acidic, zesty, piquant, pungent, strong, harsh, unsweetened, vinegary, lemony, citrus, burning, acrid, acetic
    1. 2.1(of a person's remarks or tone) bitter or cutting.
      ‘the occasional acidic comment’
      • ‘When he is in gadfly mode, as in this new study, he entertains and enlightens about writers including Kant and Ruskin (reserving an especially acidic tone for Jeannette Winterson).’
      • ‘His tone is tauntingly acidic, his expression world-weary but capable of mischievous reigniting; his hands keep taking off on a little dance of impatience and deprecation.’
      • ‘‘Next time you want to drag me along on one of your nature walks, take ten seconds to tell me where we're going, okay,’ Dawn said with an acidic tone.’
      • ‘The acidic tone in his voice told everyone something was wrong.’
      • ‘Biting his tongue to prevent an acidic remark from coming off it, he glanced again at Meg.’
      • ‘He looked slightly hurt by my acidic tone, and I was glad that it had caused the right effect.’
      • ‘‘Funny,’ Meg retorted, although Ryan never heard her acidic remark because the bell rang at that very moment.’
      • ‘‘Nice to see you again, Brett,’ Rachel said in her acidic tone literally a few seconds after Brett took in his surroundings.’
      • ‘Few policies and political happenings escape the sharp eye, keen debate - and acidic criticism - of blogs.’
      • ‘Grotesquely camp, the film remains one of the most acidic indictments of Tinsel Town since Gloria Swanson got ready for her close-up.’
      • ‘His acidic denial was ignored because Will had acknowledged Katherine's presence.’
      • ‘Dalesa winced, bracing herself for the acidic comment that was sure to come.’
      • ‘A fault of mine had always been that the most acidic responses came to mind at the most inopportune times.’
      • ‘Maybe it was the fact that his acidic humor was toned down.’
      • ‘The scene mercilessly loops through the ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ of a broken relationship while the brutal realities of class and skin tone differences keep the dialogue both acidic and poignant.’
      • ‘That remark shot out of his mouth with an acidic hint to it.’
      • ‘Some said it was retaliation for Rick's daylong monologues, ranging in tone from hilarious to somewhat acidic.’
      • ‘She lets us peek at the acidic comments written in the guestbooks of fictional hotels.’
      • ‘It's the intricate way Jerome conveys his acidic comments that leaves you in stitches.’
      • ‘I think you would have gotten the point if you had been more receptive to the complaint, instead of the acidic tone it was handed down in.’
      pungent, bitter, sharp, sour, tart, harsh, acid, acidic, acidulated, vinegary, acerbic, acetic, acetous
    2. 2.2(of a color) intense or bright.
      ‘an acidic yellow’
      • ‘His earlier, less subdued works contained elements of vibrant oranges and reds, acidic greens, bright pinks and yellows.’
      • ‘Color, often manipulated and used to painterly effect, is an important element in all of these works, with hues ranging from acidic yellows and oranges to stormy blues and greens.’
      • ‘Bright, acidic colors have always been warning colors.’
      • ‘His elusive palette of muddy plums, acidic yellows and sunrise oranges appears to have been influenced by his countryman Per Kirkeby, with whom he shares a wintry, dulled light.’
      • ‘In the other, similarly patterned oils, the lighter colors of Evoe 1 are replaced with an acidic yellow or a lime green and the deep blue with either a purple or a mauve.’
      • ‘The palette is severely limited: blacks, grays, browns, and the acidic yellow ochre of the faces.’
  • 3Geology
    (of rock, especially lava) relatively rich in silica.

    ‘acidic granite batholiths’
    • ‘Associated with these intrusions were outpourings of andesitic and more acidic lavas and fine ashes.’
    • ‘The mountains show a relief with extensive outcropping of Precambrian, acidic rocks.’
    • ‘Porphyritic acidic volcanic rocks are widespread and referred to a calc-alkaline suite from an active margin setting.’
    • ‘The subalkaline character of the magmatic activity, combined with the prevalence of acidic effusive rocks, is characteristic of an orogenic suite developed on continental crust.’
    • ‘This mineralogy is consistent with derivation from granitic or acidic high-grade metamorphic rocks.’
    1. 3.1Metallurgy Relating to or denoting steelmaking processes involving silica-rich refractories and slags.
      ‘acidic slag’
      • ‘The latter represented a well-designed mixture of granulated acidic slag and flotation sterile material.’
      • ‘If molten steel is deoxidized and refined without addition of a strong deoxidizer, in presence of acidic slag or uncovered with slag in the open air, deoxidization of the molten steel is insufficient.’



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