Definition of acidophilic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌasədōˈfilik/ /ˌæsədoʊˈfɪlɪk/ /ˈˌasədəˈˌfilik/ /ˈˌæsədəˈˌfɪlɪk/


  • 1(of a cell or its contents) readily stained with acid dyes.

    ‘The tumor cells had elongated blunt-ended nuclei and acidophilic fibrillary cytoplasm.’
    • ‘Methylene blue stains basophilic constituents of the tissue, whereas erythrocin stains the acidophilic elements.’
    • ‘When eosin is used as a tissue stain, the acidophilic structures are sometimes referred to as eosinophilic.’
    • ‘Histologically the tumor cells closely resemble normal hepatocytes, although the cytoplasm may be more acidophilic or hydropic than in those cells in the surrounding liver.’
    • ‘The cytoplasm is predominantly acidophilic with some residual basophilia.’
  • 2(of a microorganism or plant) growing best in acidic conditions.

    ‘The conditions at Champagne Pool are ideal for thermophilic, mildly acidophilic archaeans such as the Sulfobales and Thermoproteales.’
    • ‘The cooperatives, undisputed market leaders in the production of acidophilic plants for garden centres, cannot give up on a policy of research.’
    • ‘The benefits of liming catchments have also been questioned on conservation grounds as some naturally acidophilic plant communities would be damaged.’
    • ‘The Adiantum venustum needs to be grown in a specific soil for acidophilic plants, soft and with an average drainage.’
    • ‘The site is rich in acidophilic species, particularly pteridophytes and bryophytes, and contains a number of regionally rare taxa.’