Definition of acidulate in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Make slightly acidic.

    ‘add two or three pieces of lemon peel to acidulate the water’
    • ‘Deeply flavored, with woody/mushroomy and spicy/peppery hints, it is slightly acidulated and nicely long on the palate.’
    • ‘The fishermen, many of Ukrainian descent, spit-roast or grill their catch over wood embers, or cook a Russian-Ukrainian fish soup called uha; in contrast to the Wallachian ciorb, this soup is not acidulated.’
    • ‘Always smell the fish before buying and, if in doubt, soak the skate wings in water acidulated with lemon juice for 30 minutes before cooking.’
    • ‘Another neat trick is to add two or three bits of lemon peel to acidulate the water.’
    • ‘This was the perfect palate cleanser, refreshing and acidulated, to prepare our tastebuds for dessert.’
    • ‘Sulphide minerals in the gold ridges dissolve and creates mineral-rich acidulated water.’
    • ‘Then, as they are rather mushy in texture, firm them again by blanching in acidulated water…’
    • ‘Keep the artichoke in a bowl of water with a lemon squeezed into it, (rather grandly called acidulated water), this stops the heart from blackening when it is exposed.’
    • ‘Like salsify, burdock root discolors quickly when the flesh is exposed to air, a reaction that can be slowed by the immersion of the cut root in acidulated water.’
    • ‘As soon as each one is peeled, place it in the acidulated water.’
    • ‘Peel and thinly slice the lotus root crosswise and place in acidulated water.’
    • ‘Rub cut edges with lemons and soak in acidulated water until ready to use.’
    • ‘Quarter hearts and rub cut edges with lemon and soak in acidulated water until ready to use.’
    • ‘Squeeze lemon juice over the cut edges or immerse in the acidulated water.’
    • ‘They have a sour and acidulated taste, so much so that birds won't even touch them.’
    • ‘The rhubarb was its usual, delightful self, and its acidulated flavor was beautifully complemented by the subtly sweet cookies.’
    • ‘This is a bit acid so no need to acidulate the water.’
    • ‘Cream of tartar is made from it, and it is use to acidulate baking powder and ammonium carbonate.’
    • ‘Acidulated water is used as the cooking medium when poaching.’
    • ‘Hold prepped artichokes in the acidulated water until you’re ready to cook them; it prevents them from turning brown.’
    acidic, sour, tart, bitter, unsweetened, sharp, biting, acrid, pungent, acerbic, vinegary, vinegarish, acetic, acetous



/əˈsijəˌlāt/ /əˈsɪdʒəˌleɪt/


Late 17th century from Latin acidulus (from acidus ‘sour’) + -ate.