Definition of acidulation in English:


Pronunciation /əˌsijəˈlāSHən/


See acidulate

‘Cheese is made by curdling milk either by acidulation, which can include the addition of vinegar as well as lemon juice, or by the natural acidulation caused by the addition of bacteria.’
  • ‘In hot weather, it is feasible that a slight acidulation of the water with a little lemon juice at the start of the fermentation, may provide an environment less suited to pathogenic organisms.’
  • ‘Hence, to keep milk for some time and prevent its turning sour of its own accord, this acidulation of the sugar of milk must be delayed.’
  • ‘In general, food preservation has been generally approached in the past, for instance, via acidulation, thermal treatment, chemical preservatives, hydrostatic treatment, refrigeration and combinations thereof.’
  • ‘Usually acidulation is done with less expensive citric acid, rather than tartaric acid, the acid of wine grapes.’