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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Buy or obtain (an asset or object) for oneself.

    • ‘I managed to acquire all the books I needed’
    obtain, come by, come to have, get, receive, gain, earn, win, come into, come in for, take possession of, take receipt of, be given
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  • 2Learn or develop (a skill, habit, or quality)

    ‘you must acquire the rudiments of Greek’
    • ‘I've acquired a taste for whiskey’
    learn, learn thoroughly, become proficient in, know inside out, know backwards, become expert in, acquire, pick up, grasp, understand
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    1. 2.1Come to have (a particular reputation) as a result of one's behavior or activities.
      • ‘he acquired a reputation for scrupulous honesty’



/əˈkwī(ə)r/ /əˈkwaɪ(ə)r/


    an acquired taste
    • A thing that one comes to like over time.

      • ‘pumpkin pie is an acquired taste’


Late Middle English acquere, from Old French aquerre, based on Latin acquirere ‘get in addition’, from ad- ‘to’ + quaerere ‘seek’. The English spelling was modified (c1600) by association with the Latin word.