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act on

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phrasal verb

  • 1act on somethingTake action according to or in the light of.

    ‘I shall certainly act on his suggestion’
    • ‘Last but not least, the new Mayor said that he would also be acting on a suggestion by Cllr. Browning.’
    • ‘We really do welcome your suggestions and try to act on them when possible.’
    • ‘This was because his role in that came to light too late for the Hutton inquiry to act on it.’
    • ‘The MP for North Lanark acted on it and the Army had to conform immediately.’
    • ‘Seventeen years later a British government chose to act on that suggestion and dispatch the fleet.’
    • ‘As a constituent, you deserve to know how your Senator acts on your request.’
    • ‘The way it works, is you just submit a request and he acts on it on his own.’
    • ‘No doubt he is moved by the ordeal his own fellow countrymen are going through, but he never acts on emotion.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the Prime Minister, no orator but a politician with an actor's empathy for public mood, acts on his instincts.’
    • ‘The Crown Prosecution Service acts on society's behalf - in other words, our behalf.’
    • ‘The world's most powerful man acts on the voices he hears in his head.’
    • ‘I have found that she not only takes time to ask for your opinions, but she actually acts on them.’
    • ‘This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.’
    • ‘Bravo to the captain of the ship for acting on his good conscience when his distress signals fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘In December, the Haitian police, acting on their own information, sought to arrest him at his home.’
    • ‘In other words, the tribunal was acting on newer, more negative country information.’
    • ‘The modest lifesaver is pleased with his award, but insists he was simply acting on instinct and determination.’
    • ‘The detectives were acting on a tip-off from a thief who had broken into Mr Morrison's house only days earlier.’
    • ‘Salesmen and brokers who purport to be acting on your advice are frequently more interested in their commissions.’
    • ‘That he was the one who thought of addressing and acting on the issue has lifted my estimation of Mr Rudd very much.’
    comply with, act in accordance with, follow, go along with
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  • 2act on something or someoneHave a particular effect on.

    ‘the drug acts on the brain to curb appetite’
    • ‘the applause acted on her like a shot of adrenaline’