Definition of act out in English:

act out

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phrasal verb

  • 1act something out, act out somethingPerform a narrative as if it were a play; translate something into action.

    ‘students were encouraged to act out the stories’
    • ‘were there any early indications that he was getting ready to act these fantasies out?’
    act out, act, perform, play, appear in, stage, mount, put on, present, do
    1. 1.1Psychoanalysis Perform an action or actions thought to provide an outlet for emotional or mental conflicts.
  • 2mainly North American Behave badly, especially when unhappy or stressed.

    ‘many children who act out while awaiting placement in a healthcare facility end up in juvenile detention’
    • ‘kids act out in school when their needs are not being met or there are other problems at home’
    • ‘If it thinks it is the dominant dog, it will also be stressed, and act out very negatively.’
    • ‘They need to know how to manage someone who is frustrated, who may not be able to communicate, and who will act out if they are unhappy.’
    • ‘He acts out aggressively as a response to being territorial (wanting to be the only one on a slide - or possessive - wanting a toy train all to himself).’
    • ‘If a child needs to feel more powerful, you can create positive and healthy opportunities for this to occur, before that camper acts out and seeks power in an inappropriate way.’
    • ‘The country acts out like a spoiled teenager getting his knuckles tattooed because he knows Dad will be upset.’
    • ‘Throw in a little human interest, a little everyman, and a judge who's acting out.’
    • ‘A camper may be seeking attention or acting out due to being lonely or frustrated.’
    • ‘In any other administration someone who acted out as he did today would be fired.’
    • ‘I was a girl, a young girl that was really confused, that was really angry, that definitely acted out.’
    • ‘If you cheat on your wife, your kids may act out, which may include getting pregnant at 15.’
    • ‘If the artists really believed that this is a threat to culture, the skeptics say, they would act out.’
    • ‘They get so jealous of you this time of year, so they act out by being mean and telling you there's no Santa.’
    • ‘Despite all he's been through, the desire to act out with her is almost irresistible.’
    • ‘If the child acts out, do we react to the misbehavior or do we ask ourselves if the child is just tired or in need of attention.’
    • ‘Hitchcock says he often acts out when he feels his job is threatened because ‘the Eagle’ had to fight to get through the ranks.’
    • ‘She's stuck in the middle of a two family home, and she acts out to get attention.’
    • ‘She acts out to get attention, and probably to forget her pain.’
    • ‘And then there is Morhange (Jean-Baptiste Maunier), a sweet-faced boy who only acts out because he misses his mother, Violette.’