Definition of act the part in English:

act the part


  • Behave in a way appropriate to the particular role or situation that one is in.

    ‘I can hardly hold it against you for acting the part.’
    • ‘She didn't want to play this game anymore, didn't want to act the part.’
    • ‘These kids don't just dress the part; they act the part, too.’
    • ‘Finally, Loehr says, one secret of confidence is simply acting the part.’
    • ‘Acting the part is not certainly his strength.’
    • ‘Lydia certainly looked like a young lady, if she did not act the part.’
    • ‘But they also expected her to act the part.’
    • ‘She learns to think of herself as incompetent and comes more and more to act the part.’
    • ‘The first step to having others believe in you is to believe in yourself, and you must act the part.’
    • ‘Through all of the cocktail parties and art openings and lunch with the girls, Cathy puts on a smile and acts the part.’