Definition of action plan in English:

action plan

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  • A proposed strategy or course of action.

    ‘you should have an action plan in the event of a natural disaster’
    • ‘The next step was translating her "core values" into an action plan.’
    • ‘The national environment programme devotes a separate action plan to greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘It is always good to have an action plan for your business.’
    • ‘The goal was to assess writing in the specific disciplines and to develop action plans for enriching student writing.’
    • ‘Employees work in teams to identify obstacles that may hinder performance and develop action plans to address issues.’
    • ‘After the groups re-formed, students developed action plans to meet revised goals.’
    • ‘The action plan should be reassessed annually in order to make adjustments and additions.’
    • ‘Leading researchers, nutritionists and government officials assembled in Washington, D.C., to develop an action plan to address this calcium deficiency.’
    • ‘Recent graduates should make a weekly action plan complete with goals and deadlines.’
    • ‘"I've got books of action plans, Dave," the CEO said, but no solutions.’