Definition of action potential in English:

action potential


  • The change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell.

    • ‘An outstanding example of the success of this approach is the experimental analysis of the resting potential and the action potential (nerve impulse) by Hodgkin and colleagues in the late 1940s.’
    • ‘During transduction, potassium floods into the hair cell, depolarising the cell and triggering an action potential in the associated cochlear neurones.’
    • ‘The latter is known to be due to the fact that hypocalcemia prolongs the duration of phase two of the action potential of cardiac muscle.’
    • ‘Each neuron connects with other neurons or target cells at synapses, sites at which the propagation of an action potential induces neurotransmitter release.’
    • ‘As a nerve impulse, or action potential, reaches the end of a presynaptic axon, molecules of neurotransmitter are released into the synaptic space.’